Should had finished it last Saturday. Was busy kaypo at Maker Block..LOL

Will post more details on how to download after I collect my test print a few days from now =)

What's difference between Google's and mine?
  1. Google used magnets and cardboard for construction; mine used 3D print and screws. Shapeway version doesn't need screw at all.
  2. Google used Velcro and rubber band to secure the phone; mine just need rubber bands.

What do you need?
  1. A pair of 25mm Round Magnifying Glass
  2. 4 M3 x 7 or M3 x 10 Countersunk Self Tapping Screws
For lens, a pair of 25mm Round Magnifying Glass does the job (about S$4 for 10. Please send me a pair if you brought them :D). Of course you can always buy the recommended lens by Google :p

For screws, I recommended BN 995 - DIN 7982 C Phillips flat countersunk head tapping screws, Article Number 1420836 or 1376721. You don't need screw for Shapeway version =)

Assembly Instructions:
  1. Use a screwdriver to secure the 4 screws. Not applicable for Shapeway version
  2. Apply some white glue on the rim of the lens. A bit will do.
  3. Slot the lens in
  4. Position your smartphone
  5. Secure with rubber bands

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TAN Wei Kok

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